OPTIMAL PATH – PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE SWARM INTELLIGENCE – PHEROMONAL STRUCTURES // COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY GSAPP ADVANCED STUDIO / 2009 / CRITIC: ROLAND SNOOKThe site of the project is the interchanges along EL Periferico – the big ring road of the Mecico City. This mega-scale infrastructure often destroys the suburban housing structure, and like a big multilevel […]

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PHARMACIA_HEADOFFICE // STATUS: completed  / PROGRAM: headoffice, interior design of executive floor, office layouts, renovation / PLACE: Stockholm Sweden / CLIENT: Pharmacia Upjohn Sweden / PERIOD: 2001 / CO: Jon Tvedt Pharmacia Upjohn Coorporation Rebuilding and renovation of the executive floor for the Swedish headquarter of the company. The typical narrow double corridor office floor […]

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