// STATUS: completed  / PROGRAM: headoffice, interior design of executive floor, office layouts, renovation / PLACE: Stockholm Sweden / CLIENT: Pharmacia Upjohn Sweden / PERIOD: 2001 / CO: Jon Tvedt


Pharmacia Upjohn Coorporation

Rebuilding and renovation of the executive floor for the Swedish headquarter of the company. The typical narrow double corridor office floor with technical and sanitary units as solid block in the center was rebuilt using the tilted elliptical forms to house the toilets, wardrobes, ventilation, pentries, copy room and archives, leaving the curved space between floating and continuous. The ellipses were wrapped in profiled oak panels typical in old trains and movie theaters, fitting into the calm atmosphere of the repetetive lines of glasspanels in oak frames, but inside the ellipses practical raw materials and finishes were used, like black rubber floors, electric green walls and shining titanium bar disk. SWE