// STATUS: completed / PROGRAM: office building / PLACE: Tallinn Estonia / AREA: 13 000 sqm / CLIENT: FKSM / PERIOD: 2001-2004 / CO: Aare Saks Tomas Björklund FFNS Stockholm




A generic office building with flexible floor plans for various small and medium size companies. Special is its location: in a center of the city but on a junction of railway viaduct with heavy traffic, an area where the larger rougher urban scale on one side of railway becomes a small scale urban fabric of low housing on the other. The office fasades face thus two entirely different conditions, logistic and domestic. The rear fasade of the building is made of simple concrete raster of openings of different sizes, displaced. The industrial glass facade faces the city and the railway. The building is elevated from ground, above the level of trains, leaving two first floors for parking. Two concrete slabs cut the building in the middle creating the zone of internal communication and framing the glass elevators gliding on the exterior mirroring the wagons of train passing by. EST yit_tallinn_11yit_tallinn_13yit_tallinn_6yit_tallinn_30yit_tallinn_14two fasades: domestic and logistic, small scale housing and big scale industrialyit_tallinn_16yit_tallinn_21as appears on the current owners (YIT) and real estate offices website:yit_tallinn_9yit_tallinn_24yit_tallinn_26yit_tallinn_10fksm_dwg