// STATUS: completed / PROGRAM: corporate design, office refurbishment / PLACE: IDEON Lund \ Sweden (Gothenburg Sweden, Ann Arbor USA) / / PROMOTER: Modelon Ab/  PERIOD: 2013, 2016, 2018 /

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Modelon AB – flooring tool

Project consisted of two parts: first, refurbishment of the existing office space for the Swedish headquarter of the company and second, finding the common design language for the other offices, both in Sweden and abroad. Solution – the design tools – should be flexible for different kinds of rented spaces, small or big, and different working cultures, different terms of leasing contracts, repeatable without being the same, easy and quick to apply and be recognizable as Modelon work space.

The main design tool was as simple as carefully patterned floor tiles: through the gray floors orange pattern breaks through. It is laid in three different densities: A) few dots at regular open office workspaces, calmer, B) intensive lava field in conference and meeting rooms as mark of active and energetic spaces that help to vitaminize oneself during few hours, and the C) in-between density in communication strokes mainly indicating the flow or movement.

Project has grown to four different offices: Ideon Science Park in Lund Sweden, in Gothenburg Sweden, Ann Arbor in USA and pop up office in Lund again.

Different applications:

Modelon Headoffice, Ideon, Lund, Sweden

modelon_ideon_interior_2modelon_ideon_interior_3modelon_ideon_interior_4modelon_ideon_interior_6WP_20140707_18_47_00_Pro.jpgWP_20140707_18_47_10_Pro.jpgWP_20140707_18_47_55_Pro.jpgWP_20140707_18_50_31_Pro.jpgPop-up office, Lund, Sweden:modelon_lund_ideon_pop_up_sq_7modelon_lund_ideon_pop_up_sq_5Gothenburg, Swedenmodelon_gothenburg_1.jpgmodelon_gothenburg_2.jpgmodelon_gothenburg_officeDSC_0214Example of flooring:modelon_lund_2018_3_FINAL_img