// STATUS: competition / PROGRAM: samic parliament building / PLACE: Kiruna Sweden / PERIOD: 2006 / CO: Ciro Najle / GDB /


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The parliament for the nomads. Parliament for space, wind, ice, snow, darkness, nightsky, fire, tent and the nomad. Building that is part of a wild, integrates with the wild, is a landscape itself. A statement of democracy is represented in multitude, in Many, many tents gathered together. The samic geometry and functionality, the symmetric, decorative and complicated patterns gave lines of organization for the system of tents, varying in size and function. The advantage of hillside site was used to integrate the building into nature, the top of the hill flows over the tents, forms roof gardens, makes it into a public space. The demand of usage of a wooden structure was turned into triangular framework of the tents.
The inner organization of building is a mix between the nomadic tent and ‘kaata’, assembly and the storage used for defining different degrees of security, openness and privacy. A room that has 24 hours light, glowing in the dark like a fire where people can come and talk of matters any time is accessible all the time. The building, covered with grass, as it is part of the samic nature, will change with the different times of the year. SWEsametinget_3_skissersiteplan:


floorplans: public (entrance) area, semi-public parliament halls and private back-officessametinget_plans_760.jpgsametinget_plans_2_760.jpgcafé, information center and exhibition hall, plan, zoom-in:TRYPLANSsections:sametinget_sectionssametinget_section_2perspective views:







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